Yada 3 5 BT13265 Wireless Reversing Camera TKKYEABKZ

Yada 3 5 BT13265 Wireless Reversing Camera TKKYEABKZ

Yada 3 5 BT13265 Wireless Reversing Camera TKKYEABKZ

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Wireless reversing camera with 3.5 LCD monitor and built-in Digital TransmitterOperating range - 30 FeetWide angle, weatherproof cameraCamera water resistance - IP67 ratingHelps reduce blind spots and prevent backing accidentsSharp picture with parking assistImage appears automatically when in reverse

Due to the hazards presented when driving, you can never improve your visibility enough. When reversing, the chances of coming into contact with objects increases dramatically and even with the aid of additional mirrors there are still plenty of blind spots. An effective way of minimising these blind spots is by installing a vehicle reversing camera.

Easy to install on to your license plate with self-adhesive tape, this wireless reversing camera provides a wide viewing angle of 90 degrees and up to 30ft (9.1m). The camera connects to and is powered by your reverse lights, which then sends the signal to the monitor via the included signal booster. The 3.5 LCD monitor then displays objects and people behind you to help you avoid them and is powered via your vehicle's 12V power socket, removing the need for batteries. You can also use the parking assistant to assist you with how far objects are from your vehicle and there is a night vision camera that improves night time reversing visibility. The monitor also has an AV input for DVD players and games consoles and a USB slot to recharge items such as MP3 players (including iPods), mobile phones and digital cameras. The monitor can be mounted on your dashboard, sun visor, air vent, headrest and windshield to allow flexibility. The camera is water resistant (not water proof).

Yada specialise in electronic automotive accessories that meet a wide variety of needs. Offering high quality and innovative products the range includes reversing cameras and Bluetooth headsets. Yada aims to match product quality with the aesthetics of your car’s interior.

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Yada 3 5 BT13265 Wireless Reversing Camera TKKYEABKZ

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